Siobhan Wilcox Founder of SWA

 Siobhán Wilcox offers over 25 years of expertise as a Soul Whisperer, Home Healer, Stress Management Consultant and Vibrational Medicine Practitioner. 

She has designed and implemented training for thousands of people, working with large corporations such as the Bank of Ireland and as well as many non-profit organizations.  As a best-selling author,  motivational speaker and transformational trainer,  Siobhan, is passionate about serving those looking to make a difference in the world and those look to have a big shift in their life.

Siobhán draws on her own life experience of healing since she was a child, growing up super sensitive and psychic to overcoming executive burn-out, and parenting sensitive children with special needs.  This balance makes her very down-to earth and practical with her nonsense approach to life and the world of spirit, soul evolution and energy.

Whether Siobhán is running her successful training and coaching business, practicing yoga, speaking at conferences or parenting her special needs children, she does so from a centered place of empowerment and balance. Siobhán is available for personal sessions done over zoom, group coaching,  retreats, in-company training and as a motivational speaker.

Combining her last 30 years of study in personal transformation, mind-set, creativity, holistic healing, business and training; with her personal life experience she assists others to evolve their life,  uplevel their soul connection, release anything that isn’t supporting and create sacredness in all areas. 

Siobhán has been featured on media in the USA & Ireland as an expert in stress reduction and holistic health, she is the author of “Thrive Now Blueprint” a stress reduction and self-care guide for parents of special needs children and regular supports the autism and disability community.

Some of her areas of study are in:

  • -Soul Memory Discovery
  • -Angel Therapy
  • -Color & vibrational medicine – London College of Complementary Medicine & International Academy of Colour Therapists
  • -Spiritual healing for Indigo children
  • -Reiki Mastership
  • -Holistic massage – International Therapists Examination Counsel
  • -Counseling – Maynooth University – National University of Ireland
  • -Stress Management Consultancy – Stress Mmgt Institute of Ireland & ITEC
  • -4 Yoga Teacher Trainings – 200EYT & Yoga Alliance CE Facilitator & Kundalini Research Institute
  • -Training & Education – University College of Ireland
  • -Small business management & marketing
  • -Communications & media
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“Just by sitting with Siobhan reduces my blood-pressure; it is just her way of being that impacts you”

Rachel T

Legal Executive
"Being with Siobhan provides a welcomed moment of sanctuary in otherwise challenging times. The information she provides gives me a piece of that sanctuary to take with me into my daily routine."

Karen F