Stress Reduction for Parents of Special Needs Children

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May, 2020

  • Develop strategies to counterbalance the impact of negative stress
  • Recognize their unique stress triggers
  • Learn Quick and Easy Ways to Relax
  • Use Breathing Techniques to Manage Stress Levels
  • Create Self-Care Plan Unique to Them – Their own Thrive Now Blueprint
  • Increase Awareness of their Bodies Unique Stress Signals
  • Recognize What Triggers them into Negative Stress
  • Honor the Unique Journey of Parenting a Special Needs Child and Why it is SO Important for them to Support Themselves

Course Content

Time: 3 hours

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Siobhan Wilcox

I am excited to be support you. It is my passion to share the wisdom and healing practices I have spent the last 30 years of my life studying. Healing with my hands since the age of 6, this is my natural born ability, yet the art of healing and transformation requires solid tools, techniques and rituals to keep not only yourself safe but others too. That is why I have created Sacred Wisdom Academy. So enjoy the programs I have created for you. Please invite friends to come join our programs too, when you study together it is easier to stay in the light and it's wonderful to have support around you. Love & blessings Siobhan



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