Probably The Most Important Workshop You Will Take in 2023

Discover How to
Subdue Challenges & Increase Success

Includes Video Training, Audio of Training,
E-Book of all remedies

Master this Year - 2023 with
World Renowned Home Healer & Feng Shui Master Siobhan Wilcox

Last year, the year of the Tiger, kicked our butts but now we have the possibility of a whole new start! 

For many last year was about: 
  • Increased health issues
  • Relationship strain & many relationships didn’t survive
  • Mental illness increase - depression & anxiety
  • Financial challenges & even lawsuits
  • Projects thwarted or delayed

This was because last year’s Feng Shui astrology had you battling the Disaster Star 

  • Known for Manipulation of Power
  • Catastrophe
  • Death & illness
  • Accidents & Lawsuits
  • Possibilities Of Fire
  • Delays in all areas of life
Learn How to Activate 2023's New Energy
Buy Now Only $111
Includes: 4hr workshop Video, Audio & E-book
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Has 2022 beaten you up? It has left many with feelings akin to PTSD!
What, Who and How Can You Trust?

Learn How to Activate the Luck of the Rabbit!
It's a Whole NEW ENERGY & You Need to Pivot Quickly

  • Activate Your Dreams for 2023
  • Release outdated energies in a magical release ceremony
  • Call in what you desire
  • Learn about the new astrological energy in 2023
  • How to befriend this very different Yin Rabbit energy
  • Discover how to make this your best year yet by activating correctly the luck of the Rabbit!
  • What areas to support for maintaining health
  • What areas are best activated for love & money
  • How to subdue the challenges this year could bring
  • Includes a magic ritual for energy protection
  • Areas to enhance for business success
  • Areas to activate for romance
  • Areas to avoid renovation as they could create chaos
  • How to subdue the sickness star and the relationship killer star this year
Did you know unchecked astological energies impacting your home can:
  • Interfere with your Soul's Evolution
  • Cause health issues
  • Have negative influence on your relationships
  • Increase chances of lawsuits & money issues
  • Disrupt your career & success
  • Create havoc & bad luck
Discover how to:
  • Clear last years outdated energies
  • Harmonize this years Feng Shui astrology
  • Feel empowered that you understand how to harness this energy
  • Create a plan to activate your home
  • Understand how to create energy protection for your family & home
  • Learn to subdue harmful energies while amplifying supportive ones
     BUY NOW ONLY $111   
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Lorri K,
“I am totally enthralled with what has happened since my session with you. As you know, I was in a stalemate with moving to a new place.  23 hours after our session, my husband told me that the movers are moving our furniture in a week!   And a buyer is extremely interested in buying our house & is figuring out finances. are GOOD, Siobhan!!!!    Ayiiieeeeieieieieeeee!  Thank you Siobhan, for being an amazingly effective miracle worker! “

HS, Spiritual Healer - Academy of the Soul Community
Louise F
"Siobhan's courses are filled with high quality content, which I found interesting, inspirational and very practical. I felt very well supported during my journey.  I would highly recommend her courses."
Discover How to Activate Your Home for 2023 to support love, money, and health
Siobhán (Shevon) Wilcox, renowned Irish Soul Whisperer, Home Healer & Feng Shui Master working to support clients for 25 plus years. She remembered she could heal at six. Her mission is to support spiritual evolution. Allowing your home to become your success partner while fully activating your soul purpose. You spend 80% of your time indoors. Have you ever considered that your home is essential for your success.
  • This is a video recording of a four hour workshop
  • Always receive an E-book.
  • If you have experienced my previous workshops you know the power this information offers for a successful year, don't miss this one.
  • Have a journal & pen to hand
  • Be in an Open Mind & Heart
      BUY NOW Only $111   
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