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Sacred Wisdom Academy

Sacred Wisdom Academy is a powerful online community and training platform, aimed to increase your success at all levels of your life. Currently our programs are designed for personal use, or for those already accredited looking to add further skills to their healing professions.

As well as the current programs on offer, our team is developing full Sacred Wisdom Academy Practitioner programs for those who want to focus on careers in the healing arts.

Accredited to provide CE’s for Yoga Alliance, our  programs  support your yoga business and professional development.  If you see a program on offer that you wish to take for CE’s & it doesn’t have a certificate attached please reach out to us on our contact page and we will sent you a certificate.

Sacred Wisdom Academy was founded by Siobhan Wilcox and combines her 25 years experience as a wellness practitioner, speaker and home healer.

Siobhan also interviews leading specialists in the field of health and wellbeing as part of her programs.

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At Sacred Wisdom Academy we are dedicated to creating a community to inspire. A place where you can discover tools, rituals, healing practices and more, to uplevel your life, your business and your home. Blessing You, Blessing Your Family, while you offer blessings to others with your enhanced gifts and talents.

Sacred Wisdom Academy

Previous Students
'With my hand on my heart, I thank you Siobhan for inviting me onto this Truly Amazing Alchemy Master Class. The course is filled with high quality content, which I found interesting, inspirational and very practical. I felt very well supported by Siobhan during my journey. It was great to be able to log on to the Facebook group and connect and share experiences. I would highly recommend this course.'

L Fagan

Yoga Teacher
'This is hands down the best online course I have ever taken. There was more material packed into six weeks of videos and calls and self-study than expected. I learned so many things, I am still working on integrating it all! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who feels like you've been stuck in the area of abundance for a long time and no matter what you try, nothing seems to work -- this course is for you! It broke through all of my old patterns and I've finally been able to make the changes that I've been reaching for all my life.'

S Ward

Business Consultant
'In just six weeks, I feel like a whole new person. Rather, I recognize that this course actually peeled back so many layers of blocks that I've picked up over the course of my life that have been holding me back, then guided me down a path that set me free from them. For the first time in my life, I don't feel like I'm at the mercy of money. I also feel more connected to myself and more confident.'

T Burke

Business Executive
I highly recommend working with Siobhan. Her classes are packed with information. It is perfect for those new to this awakening and a great refresher for those already practicing. Siobhan Wilcox is fabulous. Her calmness, sweetness and ability to keep it all together was amazing. She is so genuine with her knowledge and experiences, it was a pleasure to work with her. '

J Cotton

Retired Teacher