Retreats & Transformational

with Siobhan Wilcox

Live Retreats & Wrap Around Coaching with Siobhan

VIP Small Group Retreats 
3 Days in Idyllwild California?
Need to Disconnect from Crazy & Reconnect to You?

Join up to six others on this magical retreat - rest, renew, reconnect

3 Day Retreat includes:
  1. Gentle Movement & Meditation (all levels)
  2. Soul Coaching
  3. Stress Reduction Tools
  4. Restore in Nature
  5. Creativity & Play Time 
  6. Time around the Fire
  7. Magical Rituals
  8. Guided Healing Processes
  9. 2 nights shared accommodation
  10. All Meals Provided Gluten Free & Vegetarian Avail on Request

Also available for your groups:
-spiritual retreats
-VIP clients
-special birthday's
-executives/business teams. 
Interested in Finding Out More?
Book a Discovery Call Today!
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6 Months Evolve Coaching Program
ivorce, Health Crisis, Empty Nest!
Are you in an SOS - work with me privately - Reset Your Life?

  1. Do you find yourself in tears when no-one is looking,
  2. Are you exhausted,
  3. Long for a change but just too overwhelmed,
  4. Experiencing a life crisis or big change

Will you allow me to help? Will you allow yourself to really receive? I'm here FOR YOU!

Big Unsettling Changes? 
  1. Divorce or Seperation
  2. Health Crisis 
  3. Loss of a Loved One
  4. Empty Nesting
  5. Career Shifting ......

It's time to get support
  1. Reevaluate your life
  2. Realign your values
  3. Get re-empowered
  4. Create a plan
  5. Be supported by an expert in soul-care & transformation

Coaching Programs 3, 6, 9 or 12 months with an Initial 3 or 5 Day Retreat with me:
  • Pre-coaching session to assess your needs 2 hrs
  • 2 or 4 nights accomodation
  • Deep nurturing
  • Self-care tools
  • Guided Healing Processes
  • Soul Coaching
  • Time to Reimagine
  • Restoration in Nature
  • Creativity & Play Time 
  • Time around the Fire
  • Nurturing Accommodation
  • All Meals Provided Gluten Free & Vegetarian Avail on Request
  • Wrap around Coaching each month for ongoing and integration support - multiple package options available
Book Your SOS Discovery Call
Get Supported Now!
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Sacred Oak Sanctuary Idyllwild 
Magic on the Mountain in California
Message from Siobhan:

"Hi my friend, if you are reading this it is not a coincidence. Your soul has called you here to be supported. Let me help!

Welcome to my Sacred Oak Sanctuary. Designed to support you in deep healing, renewal and reconnection.

Allow yourself to be nurtured - mind, body & soul.

Most people know me for my soul & home healings, however I am also a stress management expert & vibrational medicine practitioner with over 28 years of experience. My best selling book 'Thrive Now Blueprint' has supported thousands with self-care practises.

I am excited to have you come journey with me into a beautiful world of magic, ritual, creativity, love, self-care, connection, nature & healthy food.

I developed this Sanctuary for you to receive the support and healing you deserve. Are you ready to put you first? Reach out and book a Discovery Call so we can start that journey

Love & blessings


“My session with Siobhan was truly magical and healing on so many levels! I had suffered with a condition for 10 years, which was relieved after one session with Siobhan. It was one of the best soul healings I’ve ever had! She is incredibly gifted intuitive!” 

~ Dr. Gabriela S, Canada

"Siobhan is a magical, safe, gorgeous energy worker & a badass clairvoyant. She clears and safely guides out MAJOR unseen energies in a gentle & safe way.

I felt empowered & moved to tears during our session.
As a trauma survivor (and now thriver😍), I had battled nightmares for years and the worst were the night terrors.

I was be being attacked in my sleep by spirits/demons with back to back night terrors.. it was paralyzing & I felt terrorized as they physically touched my body!! 

I needed to call in the big guns and I immediately KNEW Siobhan was the woman for the job.

Our Soul Memory Discovery Session was such a powerful healing for me...I felt the difference instantly.

She helped me to clear major energies that I'd been carrying for YEARS.  Since our session my dreams have been good so far...which hasn't been the case for me for literally as long as I can remember ...and most importantly I don't feel the fear going to's just gone.  Hard to explain but was an instant knowing I had after our session.

I love this woman. It was so beautiful to work with her and witness her magic. I can't underscore enough, the safe, gentle, protective way everything was navigated. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.  Life changing."

~Jennifer D. Carlsbad

""Siobhán Wilcox is one of the most connected and fully conscious individuals I am honoured to know.  She is a delight to be with and her ability to connect with the higher realms is incredible.  I have had the opportunity on several occasions to have sessions with her in order to receive guidance from my angelic and higher dimensional guides.  Her abilities are remarkable and the guidance I receive has assisted me in following my Divine path, which has allowed me to more fully live my authentic life, as a consciously aware being.

I would highly recommend anyone to Siobhán who is searching for further guidance in their life’s quest for the truth.  Her energy is a delight to be around and will uplift you in a loving and peaceful way."

—Marcus T , La Mesa


Mailing Address
5205 Avenida Encinas suite a, Carlsbad, CA 92008
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(619) 995-7001

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