Siobhan Wilcox-Soul Whisperer & Home Healer

"Several years back I was fortunate enough to have a healing session with Siobhan Wilcox. I came to her because I was exhausted, feeling drained and scattered all the time. I had worked with others on my diet etc and there was no apparent medical reason for this level of tiredness.  

During our session she revealed that I was carrying 3 children with me in spirit.  Having never been exposed to anything like this, I was a bit alarmed, but I knew on an intuitive level that she was absolutely correct.   As Siobhan did the clearing, allowing the children to go on their way, I truly did feel lighter (although saddened in some way since we had been together so long) and I could feel much of my own energy returning to me.  Since then, I have never felt the presence of these spirit children with me again and am convinced that it was because of Siobhan’s powerful, loving and thorough clearing.   

This was a very powerful experience for me in that I had never been in touch with many of the feelings and emotions that I experienced around my whole joining with these beings.  In addition, I found a whole new level of energy available to me.

—Alina C , San Diego

​"Siobhan’s work is miraculous. She has now cleared two properties for us, one had a polterigist that was throwing objects around our home and terrifying us.

I feel the effects are life changing. I can completely relax in our home spaces. As I write this I am basking in the light, peace and clarity that Siobhan has made possible. The house is clear and singing with positive frequencies, and the surrounding land is realigned to its magical inheritance…

I have never encountered a healer that can address so many layers of energy in space; her ability to do this is astounding! Now that I have experienced spaces that are not only clear but supportive and in alignment with our life goals of creativity and expansion, I cannot imagine going back. While I am highly sensitive, the effects of a clearing are easily felt by everyone. I wish this harmonic synergy for everyone, it is Beautiful!
—Sybil G , Boston

"Thank you for clearing our home of negative energy. My daughter will stay in her room by herself again and we are all sleeping now with ease. I can’t believe the difference it made, even though you worked long distance."  
- Penny B

Soul Whisperer

To the skeptic, Siobhán Wilcox's gifts may seem spurious and implausible but testimonials from the lives she has touched, healed and saved unveils a world of dark and lost despairing souls who need release with the aid of a powerful and gifted world-class psychic and  ‘Master Healer’ . 

Siobhán Wilcox comes from a linage of psychics and could heal with her hands from the age of 6.   Working with clients and properties around the world she is a modern day Ghost Buster, saving those that are under attack from unseen forces. Clearing and bringing healing to her relieved and astonished clients.  

Siobhán’s she is often the last glimmer of hope for her desperate clients that have exhausted all traditional options before they arrive at her door. 

The cases outlined next sound incredulous to most, and read more like science fiction, then reality however the miraculous results are real and tangible. Names and details have been changed to protect the privacy of Siobhán’s clients.  

An anxious woman  phoned  begging  for an  urgent appointment for her friend, who was apparently dying of self imposed starvation.

Psychiatric hospital admitance was scheduled for the following week. The clients' tall willow body resembling a prisoner of war – emaciated and harrowed. A 43 year, presenting with massive weight loss, extreme anxiety & blind panic everytime she tried to consume food.

What I discovered during my session was that she had a trapped soul / ghost stuck in her energetic field around her body. This trapped soul had died of anorexia – it was fragile and wretched. With great gentleness and grace I lovingly removed this unwanted on and returned her to the light of God.

The women left the session nervous but feeling relief later calling me that she was eating pizza and chocolate cake.  Over the next month I supported this women with spiritual counseling, as this was a traumatizing experience for her and she needed  ongoing  support to bring herself back to full health.

Home Healer

Siobhan has been healing land and environments for over 25 years. As a child she was terrified each night going to bed as spirits would touch her and hold her down in the bed. 

Later in her mid twenties she burnt out from executive stress. As she discovered how to heal herself, Siobhan realised that a large part of this illness was caused by environmental issues of geopathic & electromagnetic stress.

These awarenesses, alongside her childhood experiences, launched her into a deep exploration of study on how to restore real harmony to properites for their owners health & sanity.

Her work is truly magical & includes:
  1. ghosts and poltergists removal
  2. trapped dark entities release
  3. destructive parterns clearing
  4. curses & hexes lifted
  5. vodoo & black magic despelled
  6. portals opened in the name of evil removed
  7. dark vortexes recalibrated
  8. advises on spirit pathways
  9. laylines explored
  10. geopathic stress & EMF remediation
  11. communication with fairy & land guardians for ongoing property protection
  12. Classical Chinese Feng Shui for health, wealth & love!

A psychologist called me because she felt she was going mad since she moved into her new home. Strange things were happening, objects being moved, she felt fearful constantly and when she looked in the mirror it was almost as if her face was morphing into an ugly nasty energy.  

As a psychologist she was deeply concerned about her mental health. As a psychic I understood that her problem was more to do with the trapped souls that were in her home and how they were attacking her. 

Home Healing Session: 
Working remotely, I began to examine the energies within this home. They WERE VERY NASTY and to this day are some of the most evil energies I have ever encountered! 

Using my own unique high-level rituals, prayers, and calling on God I spent hours moving these 'Demonic Entities' over to the other side one at a time. This was my most challenging house to ever clear as the pure evil energy of these beings was intense.  

My client reported feeling sane again. No more missing or moved objects in her home. No more feels of losing her grip on reality.  She was able to return to her thriving private therapists practice.  

My clients had invested in land near Dakota to built two investment properties. But luck was not on their side, plagued with a series of tragic incidents that delayed the completion & putting them at risk of losing both properites. Issues with multiple contractors from heart attacks to serious injuries onsite.

I was called in to see could I do ANYTHING to stop these houses going into foreclosure.  

Land Healing Session: 
I worked remotely using photographs and maps of the land and properties.   

What I discovered was there was an ANCIENT NATIVE AMERCIAN INDIAN CURSE on the land that they had purchased. The curse was placed at the turn of the century and was disallowing these clients to have any success. According to the curse – “no white man could have good luck here”.  I worked to remove the curse and get agreement from the beings that watched these lands, allowing my clients properties to be serene & successful.  


The results were spectacular.  Within a month, of my home healing session, both these properties were rented. The couple was able to avoid foreclosure and no more injuries or negative incidents occurred on the land.  

Siobhan Wilcox-Autism/ Special Needs Support

REVIEWS for Thrive Now Blueprint

Finally - a book I can recommend to parents about the most important aspect of raising a special needs child – self-care! Kudos to Siobhan Wilcox for writing the book that we need to stay healthy and serene in the midst of all that being a parent of a special needs child entails. 

Flight attendants tell you that in case of an emergency, you must take care of yourself before attending to your children. The same is true in real life. Thrive Now Blueprint  is a practical guide with strategies that are doable for parents who are time, energy and money- constrained.  In Thrive Now Blueprint, Siobhan guides parents through short exercises that help parents create healthy self care habits that only take a few minutes at a time. Siobhan has taken her 16 years of experience as a Stress Management Expert and applied them to her needs as the mother of a child on the autism spectrum. I highly recommend this book for all parents of special needs children and those in the helping professions.

- Chantal Sicile-Kira, author of 5 books including:
 'Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Complete Guide to Understanding Autism'

As Siobhan Wilcox knows, parenting a child with additional needs is both a beautiful and a challenging experience. In the Thrive Now Blueprint she offers up wisdom from her professional and personal life to help parents find greater balance, relieve stress and live healthier lives. I would recommend the book to any parent in need of techniques for greater health and happiness, for the benefit of themselves and their families.

- Torrie Dunlap, CEO, Kids Included Together – Non-Profit Supporting Inclusion 


Siobhan offers private session in stress reduction for parents, carers and those working with special needs poplulation.

She is also available as a keynote speak for  conferences, webinars or develop unique training program to support your staff, whether you are a non-profit or company.

Some of her previous clients include:
-Regional Center of San Diego
-Central Remedial Clinic in Dublin
-Hunter School in Massachusetts
-National Autism Association

Siobhan is also available for media & print as an autism advocate and expert. Appearing already in multiple publications, on radio, blogs and on Television in this capacity.

For Group events contact Siobhan at
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Siobhan has written a best-selling book to help special parents reduce their stress – “Thrive Now Blueprint – Self-Care & Success Strategies for Parents of Special Needs Children“. This book is available on kindle and all good book stores.

This community is very close to Siobhan’s heart as she has a son on the autism spectrum.  Siobhan offers private coaching, her book and also an online workshop that focus on essential tools to reduce stress and increase energy.

Over the years Siobhan has offered training to support non-profits helping special parents and care-givers, such as The National Autism Association, Central Remedial Clinic, Special Olympics in Eurasia, Kids Included Together and The Hunter School.

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