Is Your Home Harming or Helping?
Are Unseen Energies Draining Your Lifeforce & Abundance?
Take Your Power Back & Be Protected
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Home Healing Essentials Tools & Dowsing with a Pendulum with Siobhan Wilcox
Is Your Home Harming or Helping?  ‚ÄčAre Unseen Energies Draining Your Lifeforce & Abundance?
We respect your privacy and do not send out spam.
Keep you & your family safe - Discover the energies in your home that can be harmful
World Renowned Home Healer, Siobhan Wilcox will Teach You How To:
  • Open & create sacred space
  • Protect yourself while doing all energy work
  • How to dowse with a pendulum for clarity
  • Checklist of Home Energy Drains - what Siobhan uses with her clients
  • Tools to Start Clearing Your Own Home
This is designed for personal use not as a professional certification - Siobhan does provide Professional Home Harmonizing Certification 
Did you know negative energy in your home can:
  • Interfere with Your Soul's Evolution
  • Impact Your Thoughts Negatively
  • Create Stagnant Energy & Clutter
  • Amplify Anxiety & Stress
  • Disturb your Sleep Patterns
  • Pull Negative Energy into Your Space
  • Have Harmful Affect on Your Relationships & Health
Discover how to:
  • Assess the energies out of alignment in your space
  • Use a Pendulum for Dowsing your Home
  • Open Sacred Space
  • Create Grounding
  • Activate Protection during Energy Work
  • Start Clearing Harmful Energies in Your Space
Lorri K,
"I highly recommend Siobhan's classes they are packed with information. Perfect for those new to this awakening and a great refresher for those already practicing. Siobhan Wilcox is fabulous. Her calmness, sweetness and ability to keep it all together is amazing. She is so genuine with her knowledge and experiences, it was a pleasure to study with her."
Louise F
"Siobhan's courses are filled with high quality content, which I found interesting, inspirational and very practical. I felt very well supported during my journey.  I would highly recommend her courses."